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Our idea to organize manufacture for hand woven carpets started in 1993 with small masterpiece studio with 15 looms and 30 weavers. The market in Macedonia hadn’t much to offer and we were ready to offer something new, unique designs, fine quality, totally new product. Reviving the memories of our tradition in modern composition and contemporary view our designer has started a new collection.

Every carpet has its own story and artistic vision using traditional elements, parts from Macedonian ethnology, inheritance.

1995 – We have presented our products to American markets. The interest for ethno designs from different countries of the world was big.
Our company took part on various exhibitions and bazaars for hand made products, making good results. Our unique hand woven carpets, rugs, kilims are made in  limited edition, specific artistic designs and they are placed in different representative spaces, embassies, private collections.

2001 – Very famous store in London, “Liberty” , have ordered different designs in dimensions they needed. We have promoted our products, also taking part on charity bazaars, offering our works of art and handicrafts.

The observations from the American and European markets gave us new points for being better.

Visiting our shop you will meet our artist and designer whom can you discuss with, about art and you can use some professional advice for your interior decoration.

2005 One part of the company started a new business in construction, architecture and interior decoration.

Working with well known Italian  Interior-exterior decorative coating very well educated workers can realize your dream about your house and interior.

In the shop and Gallery on Ruzveltova str. No.20, Skopje, you can see and feel the products, enjoy the colors and atmosphere.

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