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Posted on Nov 18, 2017 | 0 comments


Our idea for organizing production of handmade carpets and rugs began in 1993 with a small plant of 14 looms and 30 weavers. The market in Macedonia did not offer great variety, so we supplied a completely new product with a unique design and high quality. Reviving memories of our tradition in compositions that had Modernism as an example and followed a contemporary approach the designer created collections of hand-woven carpets and rugs. Each peace had its own story and an artistic approach using traditional elements based on Macedonian ethnology and heritage.

In 1995 we presented our products to the US market where the interest for ethno-designs from different parts of the world was great. Our company was successfully participated at numerous exhibitions and bazaars. Being hand weaved in limited series our rugs, carpets and kilims with a unique design were exhibited as parts of stately interiors, embassies and private collections.

In 2001 we promoted our products at London’s luxury department store Liberty. The contact with the sophisticated market gave us the opportunity to reexamine our work and improve upon it. In 2013 we were presented at the Dutch market. These partnerships continue to this day and through care and attention to unique hand production we plan to stand up to ephemerality. We have taken part in numerous humanitarian project and exhibitions where we have taken place with our art and technique. We expand our production through cooperation with other sector, artist and artisans.

We should be more than honored should you decide to contact our designer for your decorating needs who would be glad to share her great experience in art and production with you.

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